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How frequently should a transmission be serviced?

You should probably consult your owner’s manual, but we normally recommend around 50,000 miles based on “normal” driving conditions.  If you tow or drive in extreme heat or cold we would recommend around 30,000 miles.

Should I do a normal service (pan drop and filter change) or should I do a complete flush (pan drop, filter change “and”  a complete exchange of all transmission fluid?

We usually base this decision on the condition of your transmission fluid, if the fluid is very dark or discolored and/or if the pan has significant clutch debris in the bottom of the pan, we might recommend a complete flush.  A transmission pan will always contain a certain amount of clutch or metal based on normal friction and wear.  We can differentiate between normal and abnormal based on our years of experience.

How long will a major repair or overhaul take?

A normal overhaul will range from three to five days.  It may take longer if we have to order hard to get parts, or if we are extremely busy.  We do work on a first in first out basis unless we discuss something different when you leave your vehicle.